About Sonali Indian Takeaway

The menu of classical dishes from throughout India is just one touch call away from you! All food in SONALI TAKEAWAY is prepared by a team of regional specialist chefs, each producing their own specialties. Only the freshest and finest ingredients are use which been carefully selected and uniquely prepared to recreate the regional specialties of India.

Our emphasis is on quality and our aim is to enlighten so order online now and travel with us to the Indian subcontinent, explore our extensive menu and discover the dishes that have evolved to merge the old with the new and reveal the vibrancy of contemporary Indian cuisine. In our menu you’ll get a meaty treat or fishy surprise or something so light like chips and many more unique flavor of India which is the combination of both traditional and fusion cousin!

So just make a call and give your appetite a satisfactory treat. SONALI TAKEAWAY is looking forward to serving you and delivering the authentic tastes of India right to your front door!

About Sonali Indian Takeaway At CO1